The faithful and the few

13 10 2009

The faithful and the few were out for the ride tonight.  Mark, Adrian and I were joined by Al and Shane for an excellent ride.

  Shane brought is super plush freeride bike and swapped it for a trials ride most of the night.  He took to it incredibly quickly!  Al was ripping around on his recently built up 2 speed street bike.  Mark had is brand shiny new Echo stock with dialed barking brakes. 

Adrian joined us in time to session the tree, and the loading dock.  I’m very impressed with what went down on the loading dock.  Alas it was too dark to film!



2 responses

14 10 2009
Dwy Drobena

yo are you still riding on tuesdays if so where/what time, i would like to try to get up there before winter atleast once.(just bikin in elberta,mi)

19 10 2009

Yes, we are still riding! Last year we rode till the snow in November. We ride tomorrow from 5PM till dark, come and join us! I’ll add your email to the mailing list.

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