Dual Trials at the Cherry-Roubaix

30 08 2009

Excellent day at the Cherry-Roubaix!  Big turnout of racers for the Old Town Criterium, and a great turnout of 2WT riders for the Dual Trials exhibition.  Wet weather kept the spectators away and made the obstacles really slippery.  We kept the course safe so we could have fun in the wet.  It was an experience to ride fast and in control on the slippery stuff.  The kids race and cummuter cup were a huge success in spite of the weather.  Our very own 2WT rider Scott Budzynski wowed the crowd on his giant road unicycle in the commuter cup.

Dual Trials training in the dark

25 08 2009

We had a chance to pre-run the Dual Trials course and it is fun!!  The obstacles don’t have to be big to make it exciting when one is trying to get through as fast as possible.  One mistake would cost a rider dearly, so anyone had a chance.  Terri put the hurt on the guys a few times!  Dan, Mark, Terri, Scott and I got a feel for how difficult close obstacles are.  Steven joined us from Brighton and excelled at the course.  Adrian showed up late, but his streety style suits this type of competition.  It is going to be really fun on Saturday.  Come out and watch!!

2WT Dual Trials Exhibition at the Cherry-Roubaix

23 08 2009

2 Wheel Technique is bringing a Dual Trials Exhibition to the Cherry-Roubaix Old Town Criterium on Saturday August 29th.

Dual trials – two identical courses filled with obstacles where bikers compete head to head.  First one to clear all the obstacles and make it to the finish wins!  It’s all about the delicate balance between speed and pinpoint precision. 

As the day progresses the course will get tougher, the obstacles taller, the gaps bigger, and the riders more daring and aggressive.  Come and see who has what it takes!  Dual trials heats will run on Union Street in front of City Bike Shop during the breaks in racing action of the Old Town Crit.

The Old Town Crit starts at 12:30 PM.  Dual Trials heats start at 12:50 PM and the finals will be between 5 and 6 PM.

For more information on the Cherry-Roubaix visit www.cherry-roubaix.com   See you there!

Have you ever wanted to…

18 08 2009
  • Float through a rocky, rooty section of trail in total control?
  • Maintain your traction on that impossibly steep rutty hill?
  • Tackle stunts and obstacles with confidence?
  • Trackstand at a stoplight and pedal away smoothly without ever unclipping from your pedals?
  • Come ride with 2 Wheel Technique! Join us for clinics,   trips,   and organized rides

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    Perfect summer evening for a ride

    18 08 2009

    We had perfect weather for our ride tonight, and a great turnout as well.  Newcomers Susan and Leah jumped right in and were tackling new challenges in no time.  Matt and Alan both built up dedicated trials bikes this week, and the improvement in their riding style was immediate.  Alan looked great with his sidehops, Matt super comfortable with his setup.  Sarah is ready for pedal ups to bigger walls.  Dan was pedal kicking very comfortably.  Bill spent some time on a trials bike and found his sweet spot for rear wheel pivots.  Scott is going bigger each week and Ryan’s fluid style and big moves had the spectators stopping to stare.  On the other hand, I tweaked my ankle and I’m hoping it isn’t as serious as it feels right now

    Excellent ride last night!

    17 08 2009

    Everyone was looking good last night.  The rocks seem like they are getting smaller at the zoo, and that means we are all progressing.  Max and Charlie are continuing to challenge themselves.  Dan got a streety trials bike and is progressing so quickly.  Scott shows up with a new skill every time – this week it was taps.  Mark has the fundamentals of pedal kicks down and it won’t be long before he does his first drop.  Terri dropped by after work and will be slaying her nemesis rock soon.  Adrian brought his streety style and bunnyhopped everything in sight.  After the ride Matt came over to the basement of broken bikes and we built up his stock bike.  It came out at 21 pounds 😮   Watch out for Matt next week! 

    Marquette trip photos

    16 08 2009

    The most technically challenging singletrack in the midwest, self-collapsing tents, thimbleberries, carp bars, and a wicked thunderstorm in the middle of the night were all part of our Marquette trip.  Don, Mark, Terri, Jim, Diana, and Cyndi all got an excellent sampling of Michigan’s toughest riding and they did exceptionally well!