A good day for breakthroughs

30 08 2008

Good riding this Tuesday with a bunch of breakthroughs for the riders. Check it out!

BMX in the Olympics!

29 08 2008

Did any of you check out the BMX races in the Olympics? Beijing hosted the first ever Olympic BMX events and it was pretty impressive. The BMX track is scary huge and the riders were haulin’ the mail around that thing. The roll in ramp alone is 18 meters high and the men have to clear a 9 meter gap over the women’s corner. You have to see it to believe it!

It was by far my favorite event of the Olympics. NBC’s footage of the quarters, semis and finals was really good. I learned a lot by watching what these pros do. It also was easy to see how one tiny mistake would cost a rider several positions, or cause a crash. The US did really well with Mike Day taking silver and Donny Robinson Bronze for the men, and Jill Kintner taking bronze for the women.

If you missed it on TV, NBC has great footage on the web. Here’s a link to the finals.

And if you like that find the links to the quarters and semis and enjoy!

2 Wheel Tuesdays at the Bridge 6PM 8-26-08

25 08 2008

2 Wheel Tuesdays will meet again at the Union Street Bridge by the post office – 6 PM on 8-26-08.


2 Wheel Tuesdays is a low key fun ride focused on bike handling and balance. We will find interesting places to ride that will engage and challenge our bike handling skills. We may play games on our bikes like bike polo, and Shark. If we have enough people and interest, we may take a tour of downtown on our bikes.

All skill levels are welcome. Children may come, but need to be accompanied by an adult. Join us if you can!

New riders and new spots for 2WT ride

25 08 2008

New riders M’lynn and Nick joined us on Tuesday and we visited a few new spots.  M’lynn learned to trackstand, Nick improved leaps and bounds with his technique, Mark and Don got focused 🙂 (see their captions).  A good time was had by all!

2WT rides again 8-19 at 6 PM

18 08 2008

2 Wheel Tuesdays will meet again at the Union Street Bridge next to the post office tomorrow at 6 PM.

I have received lots of positive comments, but also many along the lines of “I can’t do that!”.  The photos tend to showcase the big stuff, but that is not all we do!  We work on basic bike posture, braking, cornering,  and low speed balance in addition to the bigger things.  2WT has riders of all ability levels participating in our Tuesday rides and I will help you with whatever technique you are interested in.   Our group is friendly and encourages everyone regardless of ability level.  If you would like to improve your riding at any level please come out and join us!

Here are some pictures from last week.

2WT Core Skills Clinic this Saturday 8-16-08

11 08 2008

Don’t forget that there is a core skills clinic this Saturday! See the upcoming events page for details

2 Wheel Tuesdays at the bridge 8-12-08

11 08 2008

2 Wheel Tuesdays will ride again on 8-12-08. We will meet on the Union Street Bridge at 6PM and ride till 8:30.

At 8:30 the 2WT cruiser ride will tour downtown TC. If we are lucky Eric of Boardman Paddle and Pedal will let all of us take the orange cruiser bikes for a spin! Check out the photos from last week.