Success! Some pictures of the first ever 2 Wheel Technique Mountain Bike Skills Clinic

20 05 2007

(photos by Autumn)


The Crew –  You guys were great!

Teching out

“Teching out”


Mark up on the box


Getting the front wheel up – right foot at the end of a strong pedal stroke, head up, arms straight


Don really gets the front end up!


Cyndi caught in the middle of a perfect power stroke to lift the front wheel


Mike concentrating hard


Mark you need a taller obstacle!


Don – front tire touching down, pedals level, ready to spring up and unweight the rear tire


Don – body moving up, no weight on the pedals and the bike following him up.  Just time it a little earlier and the rear tire will float up there effortlessly


Peter wheelie drops the ladder.  Peter, I didn’t even teach you this!!


Trackstand traffic jam


Cyndi – quiet and strong, finding her sweet spot


Mike finds his favorite foot


Kathy – great position, arms strong and torso over the stem


Hanging out in one spot – why use two wheels when you can get around on one?  🙂

Mountain Bike Skills Clinic Saturday May 19th

3 05 2007


There will be a skills clinic at the Traverse City Civic Center on Saturday May 19th, 2007 from 9:30 am – 1:00pm

This clinic is for those riders who ever wanted to…

  • Get over that big log on their favorite trail without putting their foot down.
  • Maintain their traction on the impossibly steep rutty hill.
  • Master those tight switchback climbs.
  • Float through a rocky, rooty section of trail in total control.
  • Tackle narrow ladder bridges and stunts with confidence.
  • Handle that gnarly drop off without endoing.
  • Trackstand at a stoplight and pedal away smoothly without ever unclipping from pedals.
  • Amaze and impress friends with their new abilities.

Learn new skills and have fun doing it GUARANTEED!

Cost:  $35 special offer for the first clinic  (Regular clinic price is $50).  Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you will receive a full refund.