Featured Video – Chris Akrigg, A Hill in Spain

7 03 2011

Chris Akrigg is well known in the trials community, not so much outside of it.  If you aren’t familiar with him, it is time for that to change.  A Hill in Spain should get your attention.

Trials bike, DH bike, Freeride bike, fixed gear bike, Chris rides anything, and rides it well.  Here is strings together a very impressive run.

With thousands of views a day, and over 500,000 total views, this video is helping him on his way to significant recognition.


Featured Video – Danny Mac does it again

3 01 2011

Way Back Home, the second feature video from Scottish riding sensation Danny MacAskill delivers the goods.  It showcases more of his very creative, and very technically challenging riding.  There are so many mind blowing moves that one can lose the significance of what was just seen.  Danny is practically a household name now, even among non-bikers.  He deserves the recognition.


Featured Video – Third Coast Bike Fest Trials Demo

15 12 2010

Kevin Busuttil of 2 Wheel Technique put together a nice video of the Trials Demo at the Third Coast Bike Festival edition of Friday Night Live in Traverse City.   Front street was closed to traffic and turned into all things bike for an excellent evening of entertainment.

The crowds were large and the spectators really enjoyed the show.  We had to ask them to leave in order to knock down and re-open the road.   We are looking forward to next year!

Featured Video – Danny MacAskill Inspired Bicycles edit 2009

30 10 2010

Worth re-posting, this video was uploaded to YouTube in April of 2009.  It went viral and quickly amassed millions of hits as people forwarded it to friends with tag lines like “can you believe this?”.  For a period of time I received several emails a day forwarding the link.  Yes, the riding is phenomenal, Danny Mac deserves the accolades.  He combines pure trials, street, and bmx in his own unique way.  Everything is fair game to ride, and he does it all with flair and style.

The video is masterfully edited.  I haven’t tired of watching it after more than a year, something I can’t say about a lot of biking vids.

If you haven’t seen it, prepare to be amazed.  If you have, enjoy it once more.