Men in Black, Pretzels, and Technical Riding

28 07 2009

And beautiful weather as well – it doesn’t get any better than this!   Scott came with his new mod bike and his awesome pedal ups to rear.  Clay was demonstrating his pinpoint balance skills and really nice rolling drop stoppies.  Every week Charlie increases the size of the obstacles he tackles without hesitation.  Don is extremely consistent on the rocks.  I have no pictures of Dan but he is getting pedal kicks dialed and slaying the rocks.  Matt was nailing the big up and rolling drop of the flat rock at the zoo by the end of the night.

Carollyn and Christina rip it up!

23 07 2009

Thanks to Carollyn and Christina who came out for a private lesson today.  You ladies were quick studies and I’m impressed with your progression!  Both of you dialed in the correct body position, had your focus forward, and were railing those corners in no time.  Check out the pics!

Check this out!

23 07 2009

Bill Palladino put this sweet video together from footage of our 2WT ride this week.  I think it really captures the essence of our rides.  Pay attention at 8:22 so you don’t miss 3 yr old Alex’s dismount from the rock 🙂

Some videos from last night

22 07 2009

Here are a bunch of videos from last night’s 2WT ride shot by Bill Palladino.  For those along the riverbank I want you to know that he is standing in the river!  The things pro photographers do to get the shot…..   I’ve added a video of Bill and Scott as well.