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3 04 2011

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Matt is practicing too!

28 01 2010

Matt and Alan took advantage of the dry weather to do some riding downtown

Matt puts his new wheel to the test

24 01 2010

Matt got a new trials specific rear wheel built up this past week.  Here he is putting it to the test

Scott is practicing!

10 01 2010

Here is a video from Scott getting some practice in at his indoor training spot.

I’m broken!

24 12 2009

I’m broken!  I broke my fibula and did a bunch of ligament damage to my ankle Telemark skiing on the 18th.  Surgery is scheduled for the 29th.  My riding has been put on hold for awhile 😦

New fashionable footwear

Trials’n tribulations with the Miller family

2 10 2009

This past week I got to have fun on bikes with Caleb, Autumn, Eliza, Ian and Canyon of the illustrious Miller family in Woodland Park, Co.  I am so envious as the kids can do laps on their bikes and rollerblades in the house! 

We took the bikes outside and worked on low speed balance, trackstands and a little bit of rear wheel balance.  Everyone looked great!  Caleb and Autumn got creative with some teamwork that you will have to watch the video to see.  Even Ian and Canyon found their sweet spot to balance the little bikes. 

Dad Kevin (http://kevinmiller.typepad.com/), a former pro road bike racer with some serious skills of his own was a quick study too.  Check out the previous post for his mad wheelie skills. 

After biking we had a mini foot trials competition and Caleb and Autumn demonstrated some crazy swingset antics.  We ran out of time for trampoline wars so I will have to come back out for that!

Dual Trials at the Cherry-Roubaix

30 08 2009

Excellent day at the Cherry-Roubaix!  Big turnout of racers for the Old Town Criterium, and a great turnout of 2WT riders for the Dual Trials exhibition.  Wet weather kept the spectators away and made the obstacles really slippery.  We kept the course safe so we could have fun in the wet.  It was an experience to ride fast and in control on the slippery stuff.  The kids race and cummuter cup were a huge success in spite of the weather.  Our very own 2WT rider Scott Budzynski wowed the crowd on his giant road unicycle in the commuter cup.