Nocturnal rockhoppers ride TC again

29 10 2008

The nocturnal rockhoppers were spotted downtown last night.  Cool weather (and the fact that I didn’t send out a reminder email) kept their numbers small, but three creatures were spotted congregating around the rocks at the zoo.  Unfortunately photographs only showed fuzzy shapes drifting in and out of the darkness.

2WT will continue to ride until snow is on the ground.  We will start riding at 4 PM next Tuesday to adust to the time change this weekend.

Nathan sessions a rock

28 10 2008

It was a frosty ride, but we had fun anyways

27 10 2008

A cold north wind was blowing, but the skies were clear so a small group gathered at the bridge to ride.  Nathan was all over the rocks at the zoo – showing off what a week of diligent practice (and a good foundation of bunnyhop skills) will do.  Max continues to up the level of his challenges.  Oh, to be young again 🙂

The forecast isn’t looking good for tomorrow.  We may have snow flying or on the ground – so we will see.

2WT Moab Tune-up clinic a success

20 10 2008

We had excellent fall weather for the Moab Tune-up clinic today.  Dianna, Dave, Mark, Paul, Terri and Rex geared up for their upcoming adventure.  Well done!  Everybody showed some great progression.

I think you all are ready to rock the rocks out in Utah!

The crew

The crew - Rex, Dave, Diana, Paul, Mark, Terri