Nocturnal rockhoppers ride TC again

29 10 2008

The nocturnal rockhoppers were spotted downtown last night.  Cool weather (and the fact that I didn’t send out a reminder email) kept their numbers small, but three creatures were spotted congregating around the rocks at the zoo.  Unfortunately photographs only showed fuzzy shapes drifting in and out of the darkness.

2WT will continue to ride until snow is on the ground.  We will start riding at 4 PM next Tuesday to adust to the time change this weekend.



One response

29 10 2008
Greg Benedict

Hey jp. sorry i couldnt make it out and didnt call, i got called into work right out of school and my phone was dead. looked like you guys had a blast though, wow nathian looks like he is ownin, pretty soon he will be better than me!!! now we just have to get him pedal kicking.

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