The Sun Shone…

27 10 2009

the heavens opened up, and the angels sang…  Well it felt like it when we finally had some sun through the clouds this afternoon.  It turned out to be perfect for riding.

Clay joined us after a long absence and showed off his improved skills.  Dave came out and joined us for the first time.  Nathan came cruising by on his longboard and stepped back on a few trials bikes for the first time in awhile.  Mark, Dan and I rounded out the crew for a really nice ride.

We ride tomorrow!

26 10 2009

No rain in the forecast and highs in the 50s.  We ride from the rocks at the old zoo at 5PM.  The group will stay there for awhile for those who need to come later.

Indian Summer Session

20 10 2009

It was a beautiful evening with nice temperatures for a ride.  We started early and that allowed Charlie to join us again, amd he brought his usual peaceful style.  Dan, Mark and I rounded out the rest of the crew and we found some new creative lines.

A nice vid of Dan dialing in his precision and balance

The faithful and the few

13 10 2009

The faithful and the few were out for the ride tonight.  Mark, Adrian and I were joined by Al and Shane for an excellent ride.

  Shane brought is super plush freeride bike and swapped it for a trials ride most of the night.  He took to it incredibly quickly!  Al was ripping around on his recently built up 2 speed street bike.  Mark had is brand shiny new Echo stock with dialed barking brakes. 

Adrian joined us in time to session the tree, and the loading dock.  I’m very impressed with what went down on the loading dock.  Alas it was too dark to film!

Neither rain nor snow….

10 10 2009

Yes, it rained AND snowed on us today!  Scott and Matt came in to town and joined Dan, Bill and I for a very different 2WT ride.  We had to get creative to find shelter from the rain.  For awhile it switched from rain to snow! 

Matt has improved leaps and bounds since moving to Alpena.  Scott is dialing in a mighty impressive front to rear wheelswitch move.  Dan is totally comfortable on the rear wheel and is starting to increase his pedal kick distance.  Bill showed up with some upgrades on his singlespeed – big tires, wider bars, crankset with a bashguard, trials gear, and cross country gear – very sweet.

Trials’n tribulations with the Miller family

2 10 2009

This past week I got to have fun on bikes with Caleb, Autumn, Eliza, Ian and Canyon of the illustrious Miller family in Woodland Park, Co.  I am so envious as the kids can do laps on their bikes and rollerblades in the house! 

We took the bikes outside and worked on low speed balance, trackstands and a little bit of rear wheel balance.  Everyone looked great!  Caleb and Autumn got creative with some teamwork that you will have to watch the video to see.  Even Ian and Canyon found their sweet spot to balance the little bikes. 

Dad Kevin (, a former pro road bike racer with some serious skills of his own was a quick study too.  Check out the previous post for his mad wheelie skills. 

After biking we had a mini foot trials competition and Caleb and Autumn demonstrated some crazy swingset antics.  We ran out of time for trampoline wars so I will have to come back out for that!

Rampart Reservoir Ride

1 10 2009

I had the privilege of riding the Rampart Reservoir trail with Kevin Miller, Jon Dale, and friend Stephen.  It was beautiful rolling singletrack with some serious technical sections to make it really interesting.  We stopped and played on all the fun stuff.  Colorado riders are more used to those fun rocky technical challenges I love so much.  Nice riding guys!  Thanks for the killer ride.