15 strong tonight!

15 09 2009

15 riders turned out for a great ride tonight.   We stayed along the shoreline and enjoyed the breeze.  Everone was looking good.  I’m lacking pics of Monica, Sarah, Terri, Deb, and Scott.  Alan joined us for the post ride meal at Bubba’s and filled us in on life in the culinary institute

Coordinated Chaos from Tuesday’s ride

13 09 2009

Here is a short clip of some synchronized riding at one of our spots on Tuesday.  Riders in order are JP, Terri, Adrian, Clay, Bill and Dan.  Filming by Mark, traffic direction and choreagraphy by John.

Cherry Roubaix Dual Trials Demo

13 09 2009

Here is a sweet video of the Dual Trials Demo at the Cherry-Roubaix, compiled by our very own Bill Palladino.  It captures the essence of the day – wet and very slippery, but fun.   Listen closely at 2:26 – Adrian books it back up on the trailer, goes to brake to a stop on the supper slippery deck and just skids right off the side.

2 Much Fun!

8 09 2009

The beautiful weather continued for us tonight.  The usual suspects were present,  and John, the uber organizer of  the Cherry-Roubaix bike race  joined us for the first time.  Clay returned after a summer of trials riding on Drummond Island, and Terri was able to be with us for the whole ride.

We had some fun with coordinated riding in tight spaces.  Stay tuned for a video of the chaos!

Spectacular September kick-off

1 09 2009

Perfect ride tonight.  New riders Steve and John joined us and fit right in.  Both were picking things up quickly.  Bill gets the headline of the night with his breakthrough of being light on the pedals when attempting his nose wheelies.  He immediately transfered this to getting over obstacles and mastered his nemesis rock at the zoo.  Nice work Bill! 

Charlie continues to improve every week with his absolutely serene style.  I don’t have good pics but Adrian was stringing some nice trialsy moves in his signature streety way – very cool.  Dan is fearless,  and is relentless in his pursuit of improvement, sometimes at the expense of breathing.  Terri dubbed him Danaerobic.  He also has great crash sound effects.  Trials bikes are multiplying.  Terri has a new one, although mark seemed a little sad 🙂  It won’t be for long as Mark (and Dan) have new frames coming soon.  I need to ride more if I want to keep up 🙂  See you next week