Shirtsleeve weather on the 21st of November!

21 11 2009

Beautiful weather for a ride.  Robbie brought his new trials whip.  Matt and Scott showed off some greatly improved skills.

2WT Rides today

17 11 2009

We are still blessed with great weather.  2WT rides from the rocks at the zoo starting around 5PM.  We will stay there for awhile for those coming late.  See you out there!

Cool crew for a clear and cool ride

10 11 2009

A broken camera meant no pictures from tonight’s ride, but rest assured we had a great time.  First-timer Lynda came out and dialed stop-and-go’s, trackstand basics, and clearing curbs in short order.  Dave worked on wheelie technique.  Dan, Adrian and I rode till 8:30 we were having so much fun.

We will continue to ride until the snow flies.

No excuses 2WT ride tomorrow!

9 11 2009

The weather is perfect.  The season is coming to a close.  It may be your last chance to join a 2WT ride this year (last year snow came on the 16th and never left).  Come out and ride. 
We will meet at the rocks in the old zoo I will be out at 4:30 to get as much daylight as possible.  The group will stay there for awhile for those who will come a bit later.  Call me on my cell if you can’t find us 231.357.7911