2009 Iceman edition 2WT ride

9 11 2009

While I was out in the woods, the 2WT crew assembled without me for an excellent ride on the day of Iceman 2009.   Alan, Mark, Matt, Scott, and Terri got out on a beautiful day.

Alan put together a sweet vid featuring Scott and Matt

Scott put one together too


Full Moon Ride

3 11 2009

The full moon made its appearance tonight through some ghostly looking clouds.  It was crisp and cool, but a good night to try some different lines.

Moon rising over State Street

Moon rising over State Street

Pre-Iceman 2WT ride from the rocks at the zoo

3 11 2009
It will be cold and might spit a little rain but 2WT will ride from the rocks in the old zoo starting at 5:00 PM on Tuesday.  The group will stay there for awhile for those who will come a bit later.  Call me on my cell if you can’t find us 231.357.7911
We will practice sand for you iceman racers 🙂