Respite from the rain

26 05 2009

The rain let up at 5, just in time for us to get out and ride!  Matt and I were joined by Adrian who brought some streety style to inspire us.  We explored some new areas too.

Some pictures from our 5-5-09 2WT ride

21 05 2009

We had a great ride on 5-5-09 but I was unable to download the pictures.  They were too good not to post so after some help from Alan here they are!

Excellent ride tonight!

19 05 2009

What a great ride!  We had a bunch of riders join us for the first time.  Ryan came down from Petoskey, Scott up from Ludiington, and Danny out of semi-retirment to ride again – and ride well I might add.  Ryan’s riding was so smooth and inspiriing.  Outside of his absolutely scary sounding rear hub his riding seemed quiet and effortless.  Scott was riding incredibly well for just starting and never having ridden with other trials riders.  It was great to see Danny back on the bike.

Mark, Matt and I need to start practicing more!

2WT Ride 5-12-09 Photos

13 05 2009


It was a beautiful evening and we had some breakthrough riding by everybody in attendance.  Mark is starting to string pedal kicks together, Matt showed outstanding form on the pipe of death – repeatedly riding the full length of it.  Alan looked good working on roll ups and drops.

The weather looks good for tomorrow’s ride too!