Rampart Reservoir Ride

1 10 2009

I had the privilege of riding the Rampart Reservoir trail with Kevin Miller, Jon Dale, and friend Stephen.  It was beautiful rolling singletrack with some serious technical sections to make it really interesting.  We stopped and played on all the fun stuff.  Colorado riders are more used to those fun rocky technical challenges I love so much.  Nice riding guys!  Thanks for the killer ride.


9-22 Edition of 2WT

1 10 2009

Intrepid rider Danaerobic Dan sent me photos of  Tuesday’s ride.  Here is the report from Dan:

It was just Adrian, Mark and I. Terri made her token showing, but then rode straight home. Adrian jumps everything in sight, Mark and I hop around and play on the stairs. It was rainy so we tried to stay under trees, but still had a great night riding.