2WT mini competition night

21 07 2009

Awesome ride tonight everybody!  I didn’t get photos of everybody but was impressed with the level of riding.  It was competition night – so we laid out some competition sections for everyone to try.  The competition sections were popular!  Matt was a natural on the natural sections on the breakwall.   We need to go to a competition soon.  Sal joined us for the first time and he warmed right up to riding the trials bikes and even diving into the comp sections.  Bill, Terri, and Dan were pushing their limits.  There was some carnage too!  Terri drew blood at the breakwall, and the videos of Bill’s crashes were hard to watch.  Charlie is looking stronger every week.  Mark was riding smooth and in control.  Scott is getting a new mod bike this week and I can’t wait to see what he starts to do with it.  Alan needs a trials bike real soon!

Huge turnout tonight for 2WT

14 07 2009

Wow, we had a huge turnout tonight – by far the biggest ever.  A few new riders joined the regulars for a great night.  Gary and Kathy came all the way from Chicago to work on their wheelies and rolling drops.  Dalton came back up with Scott and ripped it on the breakwall.  Ryan and Mike were down from Petoskey to stop traffic with their moves.  Terri was testing out Scott’s mod bike and looking good on it.  Bill was getting wheelies and rolling drops dialed in to take back to Montana.  Jim was rolling his 29er over everything.  Scott is improving way too fast, and Dan is as well.  Clay is looking solid on his new mod bike.  Don has really progressed on the rocks.  Max showed Charlie some moves, and Charlie showed Max some moves too!  Matt, Mark, and I just rode 🙂  We found a new spot too.  It was great fun!

A little video from last week

13 07 2009

Don’t try this at home!

2WT Marquette Trip Details

8 07 2009

The Details are finalized for the 2WT trip to Marquette on August 7, 8, and 9 – the weekend of the infamous Ore 2 Shore mountain bike race.  Here they are:
Meet to load up at 2 PM Friday August 7th. Depart by 3 PM, arrive in Marquette around 8PM.

Depart Marquette around 3:30 PM or so on Sunday August 9th and return to TC around 8:30 PM.
Cost is $100 per person for transportation, tolls,  campiste fees, campfire materials and munchies.  The only out of pocket expenses will be for meals.  Cost will go down if more than 8 attend.

I have room for 10 in my vehicle, and need a minimum of 6 to go.  There is a lot of interest so please RSVP ASAP to secure your spot.  $30 deposit is required to hold your spot.  RSVP at tcbigadventures@gmail.com
I will offer instruction if it is desired.  Please let me know.

2WT will stay at the Marquette Tourist Park, a great campground  within an easy biking distance of the beach, Presque Isle, downtown Marquette and the mountain bike trailheads.  Plan on cooling off in the swimming hole right by our campsite, and hanging out around the fire in the evening.

Are you racing in the Ore 2 Shore?  You can travel with us!  Our campground is within blocks of the Superior Dome – the finish of the O2S.  Avoid the post race shuttle hassle (the only shuttle offered by the race) and let us take you to the start for a nominal fee.