Featured Video – Danny MacAskill Inspired Bicycles edit 2009

30 10 2010

Worth re-posting, this video was uploaded to YouTube in April of 2009.  It went viral and quickly amassed millions of hits as people forwarded it to friends with tag lines like “can you believe this?”.  For a period of time I received several emails a day forwarding the link.  Yes, the riding is phenomenal, Danny Mac deserves the accolades.  He combines pure trials, street, and bmx in his own unique way.  Everything is fair game to ride, and he does it all with flair and style.

The video is masterfully edited.  I haven’t tired of watching it after more than a year, something I can’t say about a lot of biking vids.

If you haven’t seen it, prepare to be amazed.  If you have, enjoy it once more.



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