Success! Some pictures of the first ever 2 Wheel Technique Mountain Bike Skills Clinic

20 05 2007

(photos by Autumn)


The Crew –  You guys were great!

Teching out

“Teching out”


Mark up on the box


Getting the front wheel up – right foot at the end of a strong pedal stroke, head up, arms straight


Don really gets the front end up!


Cyndi caught in the middle of a perfect power stroke to lift the front wheel


Mike concentrating hard


Mark you need a taller obstacle!


Don – front tire touching down, pedals level, ready to spring up and unweight the rear tire


Don – body moving up, no weight on the pedals and the bike following him up.  Just time it a little earlier and the rear tire will float up there effortlessly


Peter wheelie drops the ladder.  Peter, I didn’t even teach you this!!


Trackstand traffic jam


Cyndi – quiet and strong, finding her sweet spot


Mike finds his favorite foot


Kathy – great position, arms strong and torso over the stem


Hanging out in one spot – why use two wheels when you can get around on one?  🙂



4 responses

24 05 2007
Mark Hanson

Jonathan, You inspired me to do more than I ever thought I could. You helped all of us in a few short hours open our eyes to better bike handling skills out on the trails. Thank You! Mark

29 05 2007

Not sure why I was suprised to see everyone out in the rain-these are REAL bikers. Great clinic Jonathan!

30 05 2007
Peter Romeo

What a great clinic. As a new person to mountain biking, this was just perfect. You focused on skills which will make us not only better, but safer riders. So often we think we know these skills, but we really don’t….and to have an opportunity to be taught the proper way is really important….and you make it fun, too! Thanks for all your feedback. It was always constructive. You did a great job zeroing in on each person’s strengths and areas for improvement. Looking forward to the next clinic.
Peter Romeo

22 06 2007
Dale Murray

Jonathan I am so proud of you. You are doing something we have discussed for so many years and you are following through. Just think about how many people you are helping enjoy the sport we love that much more.

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