BMX in the Olympics!

29 08 2008

Did any of you check out the BMX races in the Olympics? Beijing hosted the first ever Olympic BMX events and it was pretty impressive. The BMX track is scary huge and the riders were haulin’ the mail around that thing. The roll in ramp alone is 18 meters high and the men have to clear a 9 meter gap over the women’s corner. You have to see it to believe it!

It was by far my favorite event of the Olympics. NBC’s footage of the quarters, semis and finals was really good. I learned a lot by watching what these pros do. It also was easy to see how one tiny mistake would cost a rider several positions, or cause a crash. The US did really well with Mike Day taking silver and Donny Robinson Bronze for the men, and Jill Kintner taking bronze for the women.

If you missed it on TV, NBC has great footage on the web. Here’s a link to the finals.

And if you like that find the links to the quarters and semis and enjoy!



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