Bikes on the big screen at the State Theater

5 08 2009

I want to let all of you know about the Bike Film Festival at the State Theater Thursday night at 8PM.  Dennis Bean-Larson of the fixed gear gallery is bringing a series of films bike related for our enjoyment.   For those of you with an affinity for bikes, please come and support this event.  We have the Marquee at the State Theater to ourselves on a Thursday night!!
I’m looking forward to seeing Lucas Brunell’s short films on the big screen.  I do aggressive <mildly>urban mountain biking – Lucas takes on traffic with his seriously aggressive riding style in heavily populated urban environments.  Be prepared to have your heart rate elevated watching these!
The main feature is the Michigan premiere of “Where Are You Go”  a film documenting 7000 miles of riding from Cairo to Cape Town.  For those of you that think my Xtracycle cargo bike is cool, check out the very end of the trailer for the movie!

More info here:
Did I mention that this is at the State Theater??  See you there!!!!!!!

Here is the official press release
Come make our annual Bike Film Night another movie tradition in Downtown Traverse City! As part of the 4th Annual Fixed Gear Symposium, we’re hosting Bike Film Night. This year the folks at the Bike Film Festival have once again helped us curate an evening’s entertainment on the big screen.

The evening will start with free bike valet parking in front of the State Theater in Downtown Traverse City.

Then a series of film shorts will start the night. These will include some favorites of the Bike Film Fest in New York, including a documentary about the legendary Italian bike builders of Ciocc, a couple of Lucas Brunell’s crushing, fast-paced bike exploits on the cities and urban landscapes around the globe, and a re-run of the audience favorite from our film night in 2007 – Ski Boys.

The night will finish with the Michigan premiere of WHERE ARE YOU GO. This is a documentary following the 12,000 kilometer race/ride from Cairo to Cape Town in Africa. That’s over 7000 miles! The movie was directed by Ski Boys director Benny Zenga, and Brian Vernor.

This will be a DON’T MISS night for the bicycling community. And remember the next day is Tour deTART



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