8-4-09 2WT Ride Wrap Up

5 08 2009

I forgot my camera last night so I don’t have pictures to load – yet.  Alan had his camera and will get some photos to me soon.

  It was an impressive night.  Cody joined us for the first time and showed outstanding balance skills.  It was good to have Sarah back for the first time this year.  Adrian came out with his sweet new street bike and some really nice streety trials style.  Watch for the vid of his stair gap. 

Matt has unleashed something inside and is killing it on the rocks at the zoo.  He nailed one of the really difficult rocks for the first time last night, and looks totally comfortable now on our favorite squared off one.  Clay was slaying the mini competition section on the steps, and was fearless riding the edge of the wall.  I’m seeing some Drummond Island practive really paying off for Clay.  Mark is quiet and smooth in everything he does. 

Some friendly rivalries are popping up and really pushing ability levels.  Scott and I have one going on.  He will do something and that means I have to try it too.  He is dominating in the pedal to rear category though!  Here’s another rivalry example: 

I watch Alan pull off 37 rear wheel hops in a row.  Mighty impressive as I haven’t seen near that many from him ever.  Not to be outdone, the ever competitive Dan nails 40 on his very next try.  Where did that come from Dan?  Alan, who is lying on the ground attempting to regain normal breathing gets up, grabs the bike, and reels off 47 to silence Dan for the night and send the competition into next week.  Pictures up soon!



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