The kids are alright!

16 08 2007

Five young shredders came out and ripped it up on a picture perfect day. 

 You all should be proud of what you accomplished in one session!


Adam lookin’ totally relaxed on the teeter


Peter eyes up and ahead, pedaling through to the end


Jeremy perfectly positioned for the drop – check out the focus!!


Nate looking good – finishing off the long skinny


Jake on the ladder bridge – with a little re-direct to stay on course


Adam rolls the drop


Jeremy caught in action – just as the teeter starts to move


Nate with perfect form off the big drop – arms extending and allowing the bike to roll away from his body


Peter coming off the drop with some speed


Taking a break – time to refuel!


Jake gettin’ the front end up with a pedal up onto the big box


Adam – trackstand in total control


Jeremy on the big teeter!


Nate rolling the long ladder – nice and in control


Peter strong and tall in his trackstand


Jake with perfect form rolling the big steps



4 responses

18 08 2007

This clinic is a great place to learn mountain biking skills. Jonathan is a great teacher. Thank you for teaching me.

18 08 2007
Jeremy Flannery

AWESOME!!! I had a GREAT TIME!!!! …wish it lasted more than one day!!!

18 08 2007

Thank you for the awesome trick bike class!! I hope you have lots and lots more classes
for kids ONLY.If there is another class I am sure it will be twice as fun!

19 08 2007
Nate K.

Sweet Class!!! I learned a lot of new skills that are VERY useful whenever I ride my bike. Now when I am just riding around I see somthing that I never even thought about before and I can try and ride it. Jonathan is an AWESOME teacher who really knows what he is doing. This class is a ton of fun and I highly suggest taking it!!!

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