Mark and Terri step it up!

24 07 2007

Mark and Terri worked on technique for larger obstacles this weekend.  Those rocks in Moab are getting less intimidating every day!

Here are some pictures from the lesson.

Terri with good backyard wheelie form, arms extended and torso vertical

Terri with good wheelie form – arms extended and torso upright

Terri rolls the drop

Terri rolling the drop – around 15″ high, about as big as possible without chunking the chainrings 🙂

Mark rolls the drop

Mark rolling the drop – arms extended and weight back

Mark too far back

Mark working on going up – in this one his weight is too far back, and the pedals aren’t level.  The chainring will hit the wall by the time he is ready to spring up and unweight the bike – and his hips are too low.

Terri not quite

Terri with another common mistake – she has absorbed the upward movement of the bike with her arms.  Her body is moving forwards but not up.

Much better Mark!

Mark with much better form – pedals level, legs extending as his hips are already moving upwards.  He used the wheelie to get his body moving upwards.

Terri with good form

Terri gets it figured out!  Hips moving up and pedals coming around to level.  Spring like a cat and that back wheel will float right up!



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