Cherry Fest 2WT Ride Rocked

7 07 2009

The Cherry Fest addition of the 2WT ride rocked tonight – in more ways than one!  5 year old Charlie was killing it with his flawless rolling drop form.  He got his uncle Mike to try some moves too.   Roger had perfect focus and looked incredibly smooth at everything he tried.  Dan had a breakthrough night and got his front-to-back pivot moves dialed.  Alan, always comfortable on the rear wheel started to string pedal kicks together.  Matt honed his touch hops.  Ryan and Mike made the trip down from Petoskey and definitely upped the level of riding.  Ryan was going off with some huge gaps and other smooth stuff.  Mike was pulling some precision rear wheel moves.  Mark looked smooth as always.

We closed out the night at Mark and Terri’s pretzel stand outside of the Billy Squire concert.  The young guns got in the venue and were last seen rocking out in the front row 🙂  Too much fun!



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