Some pictures from 6-9-09

10 06 2009

It looks like I missed a great ride!

Here’s the write-up from Mark:

Tonight was a great ride. We had Matt, Adrian, Kyle, Ryan and first timers Mike from Petoskey and  Tim.  Mike could really make that modified bike fly.  Tim could ride walls and did great on the rocks, rolling over some big ones!  Matt, Kyle and Adrian stepped it up on the rocks!  They all did things they never had done before. What can you say about Ryan.  He is an insiration as he works so hard on his progress. We ran into Jonah and his friends doing amazing tricks on their BMX bikes.  Here are the pics.  Enjoy!

The 2WT tribe is growing!

2 06 2009

We had a double digit turnout for the ride tonight!  Ryan and Scott came in, regulars Matt, Alan and Mark were back, Adrian joined us, Dan 1 and Dan 2 came out, Austin ripped through for awhile, and Lizzy didn’t expect to ride, but we talked her into it.  Everyone is stepping it up!  There was a good mix of riding, some pinch flats, and a few crashes for good measure.

Ryan nailed a big hook to finish off the night in style.  What is a hook you ask?  Well you will just have to come out and ride with us to see it in person.  Pretty impressive I might add!