Scorching hot 2WT ride tonight!

23 06 2009

It was a hot one for sure, but we still had a record turnout for the ride.   The group was big enough that we couldn’t stay together all the time.  We had a good mix from the freeride crew – Zach, Josh, Tim and Adrian were ripping it up at speed.  Steve came out with his sons Matt and Robbie and they were instantly in the mix.  Dalton came with Scott all the way from Ludington, and left with a wish for stronger brakes!  I’m wishing for stronger brakes too.   Mark, Terri, Don and Dan sessioned the zoo rocks for a long time.  Clay, Dalton, and Charlie were digging the breakwall behind clinch park.  6 year old Charlie went from first timer last week to seasoned vet on the breakwall this week.

 Everyone is stepping it up – I’m seeing a rapid progession as we see others doing thing and it challenges us to do more.  So cool!