A great night and a record turnout for 2 Wheel Tuesday!

8 10 2008

Another great turnout! I think it was a record with 11 riders all expanding their horizons. Darkness is forcing us to end earlier each week. We started at 5:30 and still didn’t get enough riding in before we couldn’t see anymore.

Diana joined us and worked on wheelies as a tune up for Moab. Christen worked on her awesome wheelie form. Nick brought friend A.J. to ride. Mark is so smooth with his touch ups, and is working hard on pedal kicks. Greg and Nathan are pushing each other to new heights. Nathan had some impressive bunnyhops at the Minerva’s wall. Max showed off some no-handed trackstands. Monica is getting the hang of things quickly and looked really good on a trials bike. The pipe of death was in demand! Clay is owning the stump and has a mod bike in his future.



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