2WT rode on without me.

22 09 2008

I was unable to make it last week, but suggested that everybody show up and ride anyways. Well, they did, and they had a great time too! Mark Hanson emailed me pictures and an update. He did such a good job I’m just going to post his review below.


We had a great ride tonight. Martie brought Alisa. Alisa learned to wheelie up a curb, lift the backwheel while coasting, dropped the drop at Minervas, rode the skinny at Minervas. Also she was trackstanding without the trash can! She has done a lot tonight and her smile at her accomplishments was priceless.( she also got bit by the pedal and kept riding)

Christen was awesome tonight. She could control her wheelie onto the picnic bench and lock the brakes and balance, she is ready to hop!!! She too can easily lift the back of the bike and even side to side. She is ready to hop the back up the up at Minervas. You should have seen her attempt the long skinny at Minervas she tried and tried. She is tenacious!

We then went to the marina rocks Greg was as awesome as usual. Pedal kicking up and hopping up some pretty big stuff.

Don was working on his wheelie to the picnic table, and swiveling his back around to put it up on the curb then lift the front up. He is definetely hopping the back up better and better. Missed you.

Sweet Mark, thanks for the post! Here are some pics of the action.



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