2WT rides again 8-19 at 6 PM » Alan on the rear wheel of the mod

Alan on th rear wheel of the mod


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24 08 2008
alan schug

nice pic.
i’m really sorry, but i won’t be able to do any more 2wt rides because of band, but i heard a rumor of you guys coming to the highschool again, and i’m totally down with that, let me know, i;m friends with greg on myspace, so i’ll hear from you.

25 08 2008

Hi Alan,

I’m really glad you joined the 2WT rides! I am planning on bringing 2WT to the HS, so hopefully I’ll see you there. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

12 10 2008
alan schug

i’ll be riding on the 14th, hope to see you all there. 5:30 right?
hey, JP, call me.

13 10 2008

Sweet Alan, glad you will make it out with us!


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