Lots of pictures from Tuesday » What’s wrong with my form?

What’s wrong with my form?

Who can tell me what is wrong with my form here?


3 responses

23 07 2008
Kyle Ostrowski

You are too far over the handlebars, perhaps?

23 07 2008
Kyle Ostrowski

Oops. Strike that last one. Your feet are not even; right foot is far higher than your left.

11 08 2008

Hi Kyle, you are essentially right on both counts. At this instant my body should be accelerating upwards so I can unweight the bike and float the rear up to the ledge. My weight is too far forward – I am absorbing the lip of the ledge with my body instead of using the ledge to push my body up. My torso should be close to vertical. Also, it will be easier to explode upwards if my pedals are level.

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