60s and sunny in March

30 03 2010

Perfect weather and a great turnout for a 2WT ride in March.  Here are some photos of the fun

2 Wheel Tuesdays are back!

23 03 2010

Great turnout tonight for the first 2 Wheel Tuesday ride of the season.  New riders Joe, Nick and Travis brought their dads Dan and Steven out.  Kyle was back, and Shane showed up with his new street ride.  Here are some photos.

Neither rain, nor snow… will keep these guys from riding trials

30 12 2009

Robby, Matt and Alan have come up with a creative way to continue to ride in the winter.  Unroll some used carpet on the snow and a set up a few obstacles and you are set to go.  Ride on gentlemen!

Shirtsleeve weather on the 21st of November!

21 11 2009

Beautiful weather for a ride.  Robbie brought his new trials whip.  Matt and Scott showed off some greatly improved skills.